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Welcome to Fear-Less Diving

Learn to Dive with Fear-Less Diving

Do you suffer from a fear of water (aquaphobia) or of swimming underwater?

Would you like overcome this and learn to dive?

My name is Nora Holford, and I offer fear-free diving tuition: a combination of proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) treatment with PADI approved dive training to unlock the underwater world to those inhibited by anxieties, fears or phobias.

Enjoy a Fear-Less swim with the dolphins

If you:

  • Would like to dive but have a fear of going under water.
  • Have started training but are inhibited by anxiety or phobia.
  • Have dived in the past but have stopped through fear, perhaps after a bad experience.

I can help you overcome your fears and dive with confidence.

My Approach

My aim is to get you comfortably swimming under the surface in a pool by the end of the first session. We start with a personal consultation and treatment then move to the water. Once you’re comfortable we can move to a:

Fear-Less diving with confidence
  1. Full PADI Scuba review (1 hour pool session)
  2. Full try-dive (1 hour pool session) if you have no previous diving experience
  3. PADI OW course and complete confined water dive 1 (1 hour pool session)
  4. Catch up pool session for trainee divers where problem manifests itself during course (1 hour pool session)

I can help you overcome your fears and dive with confidence.